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Happy Day Moment Echoes: 3.15

These words I post, these words I put out there, these words fill me up. Lift me. Inflate me. And I seemed to need some major boosting this winter. {Hallelujah for Spring}

May these words lift you up, too. Help you rise above.

Our lives can change in an instant. Love and forgive often and always. You may not have that chance again.

Let every promise broken, every painful word, every hurtful word be covered with God’s love.

Don’t give up when you’re surrounded by brokenness and selfishness. Forgive those you hurt you. 

Peace comes from looking at what you have, not what you’ve lost.

When you’re hurt by others, neglected or overlooked or taken for granted, choose to give them the benefit of the doubt. Offer grace.

Remember the blessings and forgiveness we’ve received and reflect those in the way we treat each other.

Even amid the trials and struggles we all face, there are beautiful things that should remind us that God is good.

Put yourself aside, and help others get ahead. Don’t be obsessed with getting your own advantage. ‪

Happy people express gratitude, cultivate optimism, and practice kindness.

Don’t just pretend to love others. Really love them. Hate what is wrong. Hold tightly to what is good.

Finding ways to help others will push away our self-centeredness.

Today, share hope with those who are weighed with heavy and fearful hearts.

Today is a gift. It’s the only gift that you have right now.

It’s the first day of Spring. Let your heart thaw; let the river of love flow.

Let’s not use our words as a weapon or to get our way, but let’s weigh the consequences before we speak.

When we view our situation through the lens of gratefulness, instead of a self-centered mind-set, we have the potential to be happy in spite of circumstances.

Let’s acknowledge that others are bigger than the wrong things they sometimes say and do and that we’re more than the sum of a single mistake.

Always believe that each day carries a hope for happy.

It’s a discipline, this gratitude thing, and it’s essence is an understanding that every moment is precious.

Practicing gratitude trains us to look for the positive in all situations.

Differences of opinion don’t destroy relationships. It’s how we deal with them that counts. Choose compromise, forgiveness, compassion.

Kindness and compassion not only require forgiveness, but also help us to do it.

Seek a perspective that allows you to see hope in the midst of pain.

Forfeit your interest in judging others and adopt a passion for kindness.

If you don’t step forward, you’ll always be in the same place.

You can be strong by keeping quiet and trusting God.

Be strong trust God

Your Turn

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Praying Upside Down by Kelly O’Dell Stanley

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Back to basics

Back to basics … living with gratitude

There is no better time than now get back to basics, to start paying more attention to what’s important, returning to the values of gratitude and appreciation. Let them swell and expand our hearts. Let’s be less concerned with the complicated details of living. Let’s simplify our lives, concentrate on a perspective of thankfulness, and from the Echoes my February 2015 Happy Day Moments Facebook Page, let’s think on these things …

 B-basics type2


Love always trusts, always hopes, always gives, even when the other person doesn’t give back. 

Let’s respect others the way we fiercely long to be respected. Love is one thing, respect is another. 

A significant synonym for “love” is “forgiveness.” 

Surround yourself with positive friendships and you will feed your soul.

Stay grounded with an underlying love for all people, without exception.

Let’s have real warm affection to one another and be willing to let the other person have the credit.



Releasing grudges and bitterness will allow you to receive more beauty and joy in life. 

Be forgiving and look at your failings with mercy, patience, and as teachable moments.

Look forward. For forgiveness. For hope, for joy, for consolation. 



Never qualify your kindness. Be kind to grumpy people as well as happy people.

Even being intentionally kind and gracious with smiles and cups of coffee shared can transform lives. 

Look around. And find someone to encourage. Remind them they’re not alone. 



Don’t lose heart or grow weary in doing what’s right, for in due time we’ll see blessings if we don’t get discouraged and give up.

Whatever you’re in the middle of — heartbreak or joy — know that you always have value and beauty and strength.

Seek that sacred space where gratitude dwells. 

Gratitude can push you through life’s slumps, thrust you over the humps, and pull you out of the dumps. ‪




Believe in yourself. Believe in your ability to succeed. 

Don’t let the voices of guilt or inadequacy whisper negativity into your moments.

Accept others for who they are; we’re all just trying to do our best.

It’s okay that sometimes you need a quiet place alone to help you figure stuff out. 

Learn the wisdom of being happy where you are and with what you have

Give your life to something bigger than yourself and your story becomes greater.

Believe that who you are and what you do makes a difference. Because it does. 


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Happy Day Moment Echoes: 7.14

I know some stuff.

Some say, “Jama, sure, she knows some stuff.”

They may say, “She knows some stuff about…”

  • Bible stuff (lots of scripture stuff)
  • Raising boys stuff (baseball cards and Legos and pirates and rockets and video games)
  • Sports stuff (lots and lots of sports stuff)
  • Books stuff (and English literature stuff)
  • Grammar stuff and writing stuff (don’t mess with her about apostrophe misuse)
  • Midwest Writers Workshop stuff.

Yeah, I know some of that stuff.

But the best stuff I hope that they know I know is stuff about loving and giving grace and forgiveness. About doing all that I can do and then leaving everything up to God. That the best stuff I know is that God is in control, and that with God nothing is impossible, and that Jesus loves me this I know.

And I know stuff about finding a Happy Day Moment.

There’s lots of stuff I’ll never know, stuff like rocket science or brain surgery or axiomatic geometry. And that’s okay.

Because I know stuff about waiting and going slow and being patient and having faith and obeying God and believing and trusting and staying strong and living with gratitude.

I know that kindness matters. In all things.

I know about love about compassion about sacrifice about healing about friendliness about mercy about generosity about tolerance about understanding about listening about encouraging.

I know stuff about getting older and wiser and learning from mistakes.

I know about good stuff sad stuff happy stuff and hard stuff.

But it’s not always about the stuff we know. It’s also about the stuff we say and do.

I know about being brave.  That we should say what we need to say.  That when we don’t speak up, there’s a lot of important stuff that ends up not getting said.

It’s good to believe in ourselves during the hard stuff, but it’s better to believe in God during the hard stuff.

I know that I will never regret the chances I took, the love I gave out, and the gifts I shared.

So, sure, thanks for noticing that “Jama knows some stuff.” I want to keep knowing more and more stuff.

You know, you’re always welcome to follow the daily stuff I know and post on my Happy Day Moment Facebook Page. Here’s the stuff I know and posted on the Happy Day Moment Echoes for July.

  • Don’t let anyone’s ignorance, hate, drama or negativity stop you from walking a path of kindness and grace.
  • Seek the benefit and the blessing hidden in the folds of each experience and each decision.
  • Let your dreams be bigger than your fears. Be strong. Take chances.
  • Don’t be afraid of the size of your dream or the magnitude of your mission. All things are possible.
  • Don’t rush things that need time to grow.
  • All those painful things we experience in relationships remind us of our need for God and His grace.
  • Be a love that is not just words. But be a love that is words wrapped in actions.
  • Choose to be loving even when you are wronged, misunderstood and rejected.
  • Do your best to love what is.
  • Where you can help, help. Where you can give, give. Good given will be good comes around.
  • Injustices don’t change when we choose to be angry. They change when we choose to love.Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a harder battle. ~Plato
  • What God has graciously given to you is always enough to be abundant grace for someone else.
  • Why not be the one to makes a difference instead of the one who makes division?
  • Make time for quiet every day.
  • Discover ways to enjoy your successes in life and don’t obsess over what hasn’t worked.
  • Do more of the stuff that makes you happy.
  • Life is always better when we approach it with intentional gratitude.
  • Let giving grace be your response, let it not be getting even.
  • We can make every day blessed if we decide to make it so.
  • If you’re unwilling to give love and forgiveness and grace, don’t expect to receive them.
  • Write something positive today and tell your friends that you love them.
  • Look around for happiness. It shows up in the smallest ways, in the minutiae of moments, in the collection of pieces we often forget.
  • Having a friend who tells you when you have something in your teeth or a booger in your nose makes life good.
  • Let’s think of ways to spur one another on toward love and good deeds.
  • Our attitudes directly impact how well we live our lives. Successful people are positive-thinking people.
  • Being grateful is the shortest and surest way to being happy.
  • Sometimes our own pains and failures will help others. Be empathetic.
  • We’re never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.
  • Have faith. Don’t focus on obstacles; focus on God.
  • Offer to help others in ways that you feel in your heart will guide and uplift them.
  • There will be a day when our family, our relationships, our friends as we know them will no longer exist. Make and cherish daily memories.


And I know you know stuff. You can always share your stuff with me.

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Happy Day Moment Echoes: 3.14

A redemptive perspective

Sometimes you can’t be where you want to be.
Sometimes you can’t say what you want to say.
Sometimes you can’t see who you want to see.
Sometimes you can’t do what you want to do.

Sometimes the days don’t go as you thought they would. You’re living your life, working, giving, loving, and then, suddenly, you’re hit with something totally unexpected.

Your mind thinks and thinks and won’t turn off.

And your heart is near to breaking.

But in all – there is hope. And there is faith.

At all times, in any season, in any storm, you can chose to think on the good, to pray for the best, to believe in a better that will come. That there will be redemption.

ListAnd to develop that redemptive perspective and lean into healing, to trust that the crooked will be made straight, that light will come after the darkness, that calm will follow the storm, you can create a list of blessings and not discouragements, acceptances and not accusations. gratitudes and not complaints.

… here are mine from March 2014 Happy Day Moment Facebook Page:

  • Admitting our weaknesses allows others to love us for who we truly are.  {Tweet this}
  • Even if your kindness is mistaken for sinister motives, don’t dam the stream of your charity. Keep it flowing.
  • Happiness flourishes when our gratitude list is longer than our worry list.
  • By practicing gratitude, you shift the focus to the good in your life.
  • Be one who speaks generous words that water the soul, words that give hope to the weary, words that speak love to a dry heart.
  • Pause and recognize the fingerprints of God amid your moments.
  • Refrain from dictating conditions in your relationship and hold out an open hand to give and receive.
  • Sometimes your difficult circumstances are an invitation for you to become awesome.
  • Injustices don’t change when we choose anger. They change when we choose love.
  • We are happiest when we measure our lives by how well we love others.
  • Say only what helps.
  • Use your time wisely. Give love. Give forgiveness. Give grace.
  • Practice gratitude and you will see your life change.
  • Slow down. It’s Saturday. Watch some cartoons.
  • Loving-kindness to others changes hearts and changes what is possible.
  • God is for us. God loves us. And not even our attitudes or outlooks can change that.
  • We can experience joy regardless of our circumstances.
  • When you take a moment for gratitude, you give your happiness level boost.
  • Let hope be your compass to happiness.
  • It’s never for nothing when we light a candle in the darkness.
  • What most see as strengths in you, yet one sees those same attributes as flaws, choose to believe the majority.
  • Delight in the NOW. Sink into the gifts offered today.
  • Happy people follow their hearts and understand that they can’t please everyone.
  • Hope keeps us moving forward. Hope fills us with life. Hope is love.
  • Some days the act of smiling is downright courageous.
  • Speak words that make souls stronger. Once words are spoken, they may be forgiven, but may be not forgotten.
  • Friendships thrive when the heart and when the conversations are open.
  • Try this: think of ways to love others. On purpose. No matter what mood they are in.
  • Life is much better when you smile and laugh. Being positive is a sign of strength.

To love and be loved is a powerful thing. We are called to love others, flaws and all.

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Happy Day Moment Echoes: 10.13

Sometimes it’s just plain hard. Life. Life pushes you against a hardness you never expected. You elbow and shoulder and try to move it. You can’t. You can’t control that hardness. Sometimes you just can’t control circumstances.

What do you do? You can decide to find a small spot in that plain hard place. A small spot that is a Happy Day Moment.

Rock hard placeEven in the mystery of the hard places, you can ease down, relax and breathe. You choose to turn around and look away from the hardness. You can control what you do in those circumstances.

You can alter your vision – choose to see differently. Life is not without mess or trials or hard places. You have stress and loss and hurts and sickness and rejection and periods of pushing against hardness. But there is still good and grace and love and worthiness, even when difficult things happen.

No matter what, life is a gift and you and I can choose to live with gratitude.

Being happy is a choice that comes from the inside out. You don’t need to be happy because of a certain situation, outcome or circumstance. You can choose to find a “happy moment” because you are alive.

It takes practice, believe me, but you can learn to be happy (even for just a moment) each day by simply being grateful.

This “living with gratitude” mindset  is affirmed in the Echoes of October’s posts on my Happy Day Moment Facebook Page (#happydaymoment tweets).

Take a minute to reflect on each and let me know if one pulls you away from your hard place.

  • If you find yourself in a place you never thought you’d be, remember, there is no place God is not.
  • Realize this: it’s not the happy that makes you grateful; it’s the gratefulness that makes you happy.
  • There is no shortage of supply from the treasures of God’s mercies.
  • You are made for a life of meaning and purpose. Capture the fire of your significance.
  • The happiness paradox: you find greater happiness when you stop looking for it and instead help others to feel it. Serving others develops joy.
  • Live so you never regret the chances you didn’t take, the love you didn’t let in, the gifts you didn’t give.
  • What you cannot get back: Words that you speak. Time that is spent.
  • Bend into kindness one more inch, just one, and that shall be enough.
  • Give away love and peace and they shall return to you.
  • Perform a “stealth kindness” — something nice for someone without them seeing you do it.
  • The kind of relationships, the kind of friendships, that matter are about selfless, sacrificial love.
  • Kindness and forgiveness trump being right. Every time.
  • Keep doing fun things.
  • God’s love can bring you through emotional earthquakes, can lift you out of betrayal and hurt. It can deliver you from any mess.
  • Two things: Love God. And love your neighbor.
  • Yes. Think on the good. Look for the good. Be the good.
  • Gratitude may seem like a simple emotion, but it inspires kindness, connection, and powerful life changes.
  • Don’t cheat yourself out of discovering a priceless moment in each day. Your real life is today. Not yesterday. Not tomorrow.
  • You can choose to respond with grace even when others are not gracious.
  • Never grow tired of doing good, for in due season you will reap, if you don’t give up.
  • Whatever you cherish in your heart is what will flow out.
  • You can do without loving, but you cannot love without doing.
  • Forget the failures of your past and focus on your present opportunities.
  • Keep a daily gratitude list as a simple way to make thankfulness a habit.
  • Don’t bear a grudge against your kinsfolk. Love your neighbor as yourself. — Leviticus
  • Listen with an open mind instead of a wounded heart.
  • Be encouraging. Be uplifting. Be the voice that heals.

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