Then Came A Miracle

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“I read Ms. Bigger’s story when I was maybe 12 or 13 years old. I was amazed at how strong and victorious she was after a diving accident had left her paralyzed and, seemingly, without hope. I was moved to tears over her confidence and faith, and even after ten years, I am still affected by this woman’s inspiring life. The book is thorough in documenting both the physical and emotional strains Ms. Bigger and her family endured and ends with a resounding happiness that permeates this woman’s entire life. You cannot help but be changed by this book.”

Then Came a Miracle2THEN CAME A MIRACLE is the true story of Jama Kehoe Bigger, injured in a diving accident that left her a diagnosed quadriplegic. This book chronicles her journey of faith, hope, and love that refused to let go of an eternal promise that “With God nothing shall be impossible.”


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