Happy Day Moment Echoes: 8.14

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The Five-Word Challenge

Last week, on an ordinary Tuesday morning, as I brushed my hair with the bathroom door slightly ajar, I saw John peek around the corner. I smiled.

Jama mww2014Then his words, five words. “You have a wonderful smile.”

Later that morning I posted on Facebook my 1,648th consecutive Happy Day Moment since April 1, 2014:

Happy Day Moment #1648 …”You have a wonderful smile,” he said. Five words. And just like that, it’s like the curtains are opened and sunlight streams into my heart. What five words can you give today? To uplift encourage bless someone. To let the light in.

So, this is my challenge: Give five words to someone. A five-word affirmation. A five-word stamp of approval. A five-word thumbs-up.  A five-word blessing.

I will always love you.”

“You are a special person.”

“You make me so happy.”

“I can do this with you.”

“God will never leave you.”

Because words are powerful.

Because our words matter.

Because words can give…

Hope praise encouragement confidence faith

These are the words from my Happy Day Moment Facebook Page, Echoes of August 2014. [I’m sure you’ll notice how I cleverly bolded five words.]

  • Words of appreciation and encouragement stimulate more than caffeine. Speak some to someone today. 
  • Sometimes ordinary things can be extraordinary, just by doing them with the right people.
  • Think about shifting away from the cramped spaces of grudges and toward the more spacious ways of grace.
  • Let go of trying to control things you can’t control.
  • Every time we fail, we learn. Every time we learn, we become more successful.
  • Having the desire to give demonstrates that you care. And that is powerful.
  • Because faith and truth and love do matter.
  • Start your day with gratitude. Notice that life is full of beauty.
  • Let your voice light a fire in others and encourage them even when it’s dark.
  • Don’t self edit to feel more accepted, more popular, more worthy. Be you.
  • Choosing to live with gratitude takes conscious, daily effort that can transform your life if you allow it to.
  • Today, don’t miss one teeny tiny opportunity to tell someone how wonderful they are, how loved they are.
  • Don’t spend energy being vindictive. Judgment is God’s job. He’s not asked us to settle the score or get even.
  • The most contented people have found something more satisfying than pleasure; they’ve found a humble sense of gratitude.
  • Opening our hearts doesn’t mean being naïve, but it does propose that we remain open to experience and possibility.
  • The important thing is not to be right, or to be well thought of, but to love.
  • We always have the ability to be kind, and kindness really does make the world a better place.
  • It’s time to be merciful to those who don’t expect it and often feel they don’t deserve it.
  • This time on earth is about more than just us. Just love. Love. And always be kind. Always.
  • We should never let anything that happens in our lives be important enough that we willingly close our heart over it.
  • You can’t say you love God and ignore loving your neighbor.
  • Push love and grace into every corner of your heart and your life will start to change.
  • We should all laugh more. Bring laughter into your home, your life, your friendships.
  • Every day we can see ourselves in the middle of a hot mess or we can see ourselves in the middle of opportunities.
  • A key to finding peace in the middle of perplexing problems is to be other-centered.
  • Listen to your instincts. What does your heart tell you is the next right move?
  • Love tries one more time. And one more time after that. And one more time after that.
  • Love always gives more than it has.
  • Above all, God asks us to love others without limits or borders.

Your Turn.

My Five-Word Challenge: What five words will you give someone today?

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About Me

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